Thursday, August 2, 2007

TMG Pictorial Tour - Vintage

TMG organized a "Festival of Tennis" at Cosmopolitan Club Courts in 1950. Author's sportsman grandfather KM Subba Rao, who was already a veteran tennis player is seen with the striped Mysore Sports Club's blazer. Also, author's uncle is seen standing top row 2nd from right. Ramanathan Krishnan who became the first Indian Wimbledon semi-finalist - probably in 1955 - is seen as in caption to the photo. Also in the same row is C.Srikantan. Many notable personalities are in this picture. Maharaja's College dome can be observed in the background. C.Srikantan with his arms on resting on other's shoulders. TMG's tour ourside Mysore. Location to be known.

Another picture with C.Srikantan seated third from right. TMG's tour ourside Mysore. Location to be identified.

TMG with the Raja of Venkatagiri, 1950s. C.Srikantan seated to the right of the Raja with hat on lap.

Picture above was taken in 1942 in front of the old pavilion of the Maharaja's College Cricket Ground on the occasion when TMG hosted a farewell to Prof. J.C.Rollo, Principal of Maharaja's College. Here are some identified faces in this vintage picture which is a proud possession of Prof.Rau. He kindly gave a recopy to the author in 2005 after telling all these names which were duly noted down. Some are left blank with a "?". Readers may fill them up if they happen to identify.

Sitting (l-r)
MN Parthasarathy [Pachu], PG Sathyagirinathan, CB Jaya Rao, N.Parameshwaran, A.Sridharamurthy, CS Pitchamuthu, Prof.JC Rollo (with his pet dog), Sirdar K.Basavaraj Urs, KM Subba Rao [author's grandfather], A.Gopalarathnam, M.Ananthaswamy Rau, A.Narayanaswamy, Vyasa Rao

Standing 1st Row
Chintamani, AG Narasimhan, PA Char, ??, TA Aziz, HM Nagaraja Rao, AN Subramaniam, S.Krishnamurthy, VA Chandar, AC Somanna, BS Keshavan, A.Sambamurthy, MS Cheluvarajiengar (Sampathu of the film fame), TV Ramachandra Rao

Standing 2nd Row
AR Sathyanarayan, GK Venkataram, Shama Rao, ??, Bhagawan, MR Rajagopal, ??, BR Garudachar, ?? MA Singriengar, C.Govindaraj, C.Srikantan

Back Row
KGV Krishna, ??, V.Nagaraj Rao, Narasimhaiya, YS Ramaswamy, BL Ramaswamy, ??, Syed Mohd. Ahmed, GR Seshadri, ??
Prof.M.Ananthaswamy Rau, TMG's first Secretary, 1941.
[Picture taken by author in 2006, in front of his residence in Lakshmipuram, Mysore]
Prof. Rau is fond of saying "I am as old as the Mysore University", having been born in 1916.

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arun said...

K.R. Dinkar,

Thank you very much for sharing the Mysore Gymkhana Festival of Champions (tennis) photograph of 1952. My father, late Sri. B.R. Kapanipathy a former South India champion (for 10 years before Ramanathan Krishnan) and Mysore State champion for number of years is in this very rare photograph wearing dark glasses and standing to the left of Ramanathan Krishnan. I really appreciate this photogarph and was wondering if you had access perhaps to other similar tennis photographs. Please let me know. My e-mail is

Thank you so much.