Thursday, August 2, 2007

TMG Trekking

At the Pukat Lake
Another shot of the TMG trekkers manoeuvering the slope - on our return route we hit this path unknowingly. When we all got down, it was a great feeling, not so when we stood at the top before the climb down!

This is the actual angle of the slope. It may look "only that much?" but one has to look down standing at the top to believe the steepness.

This was the steep rocky slope for nearly a hundred feet that was so

breathtaking to climb down. Even a small slip of the feet would have proved very dangerous - look at the depth. Murali Mohan 'puffs up' followed by more 'puffers and panters' Subramamian and Dinakar following him.

Beautiful waterfall in a nice secluded place. Rocky and infested with leeches.

Murali Mohan, Subramanian and Dinakar trek across a scenic path.


TMG contingent in front of the house where we halted for the night, with the resident family.

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