Sunday, December 23, 2007

Festival Matches - 2007

The familiar scene of a cricket match at MCG, 'Jubilee Institute' in the background.

TMG organizes 'on-field get-togethers' occasionally. The latest was organized between 21-23 December, 2007. Youths and veterans from the five clubs belonging to TMG blended to play a few matches at the historic Maharaja's College Ground [our MCG] and it was a good opportunity for all, to play together, competetively[?], despite the 'festival' tag.
This was on the final day. The Umpires verify the scorebook [bottom left].
Batsmen in action. Harsha got caught from that stroke [bottom right, above collage].

Rohith's 'too much' flighted ball [bottom right] was hammered for four.
Sharath Babu [top right] delivers the ball against the famous pavilion background.

Curious spectators and players watching the game.

The interesting, curious, formal and disinterested moments! Sorry for the repeat picture!